Improve dispute resolution experiences, for everyone involved

With ClaimSpace, quickly build, deploy and maintain world-class digital experiences for claims, complaints, and internal and external dispute resolution

ClaimSpace Fits Any Stage of Digital Transformation

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, ClaimSpace can provide a user friendly engagement layer for your claims and dispute resolution teams, customers and stakeholders

Use ClaimSpace as your organization’s first digital tool for claims management, or integrate our APIs with any system you already use

Deploy ClaimSpace as a standalone system, or as a seamless workflow digitization layer on top of your existing policy admin and claims management tools


Pen and paper

Use our secure portal to collect documents and communicate updates, instead of relying on mail, fax and manual tracking


Spreadsheets and some digital tools

Efficiently track claims progress, forms, documents, data and messages in one place


Entirely digital

Streamline claims team workflows to improve KPIs, and better engage customers and stakeholders through tailored portals and instant notifications

How it Works

Leverage modular and configurable workflows

Fully configurable workflows catering to the nuances of each of your lines of business. We can digitize the most complex processes, with unlimited paths and materials

With multi-language support and personalized experiences, ClaimSpace not only digitizes your procedures, but tailors them for all customers and stakeholders



Set access controls on a per-document level

We understand that privacy and discretion are essential, so we enable you to tailor permissions for every part of every claim

Ensure that every workflow step, document and any other piece of information can only be seen and edited by the necessary people

Bring all stakeholders together in one platform

We know how many people it can take to close a claim: brokers, beneficiaries, lawyers, medical professionals, financial advisors, etc. Get everyone working in one place

Use our claimant portal and instant claim update notifications to keep all stakeholders informed every step of the way



Monitor claims KPIs and analyze performance

Track key metrics, such as claims volume and active users, then use the insights to optimize performance

Instantly download all of your claims data whenever you need it. No need to request reports or spend any time waiting!

Why Claims Teams Love ClaimSpace

Reduced email and
phone load

No need to chase endless paper trails when all relevant data, messages, and files are in one place

Faster resolution
for all cases

ClaimSpace works for even the most complex edge cases, allowing you to get benefits to customers faster

Platform speed and responsiveness

Your working hours are important. With ClaimSpace, you won’t spend valuable time watching pages load

Work from anywhere,
and from any device

Our secure cloud-based platform allows claims and dispute resolution teams to work remotely on laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, and more

Tailored experience for
each stakeholder

Portal and instant notifications allow all parties to track claim progress, upload documents, and communicate

Straighforward API

Sitting on top of your policy admin and claims tools, we complement, not complicate, your work

Security and Compliance

Keeping your data safe is of utmost importance to us. We bring a security first mindset to everything we build

ISO 27001 certified

Anonymized personally identifiable information

Secure in-platform messaging

AWS hosting and secure architecture

Single sign-on with your existing directories

Two-factor authentication available

Secure file transfers

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